The world changes before our eyes as we grow older, doesn’t it? For one thing, it gets bigger. But it also gets smaller. It gets more mysterious. It gets more understandable. It gets more complicated. It gets simpler than ever. It gets harder. It gets easier. It gets more hopeless, and it gets more hopeful.

Son number one, Joel, is oblivious to most of that stuff. He’s too busy to protest the reformation. He’s a kid through and through. Life is about launching from each moment into wonder and discovery. He gets that. He lives it.

Son number two, Noah, has crested the hill of adolescence and is beginning to pick up speed, descending into the valley of adulthood, the death of innocence, the unforgiving pain of an ambiguity that is still somehow concrete enough to crush and eat his dreams. He hopes, but he also fears. You can see this tension in his eyes.

There are moments, though, when childhood reigns again—when the joy of God surpasses all understanding and time stands still, parked bravely on the fragile fulcrum childlike ignorance.

Not sure what all this is about, but I felt led to muse about it. What say you?