Did I mention that I’m a bonehead?

Lucky for me, God knew that going in. Tonight was Elizabeth’s birthday (a great lady in our Life Group) and her husband had the bright idea to have us all drive an hour North to a spot on a field in the bush on his parent’s farm for a BBQ. But it’s been raining for a week. Can you say “bog?” I can. Watch. BOG. See? It’s not hard.

And I’m tired. Real tired. I don’t want to drive an hour to stand in the rain roasting weiners. At all. But we love Elizabeth, so off we go. Cause frankly, she’s worth it.

Uh huh. But I’m muttering as we drive. This is stupid. It’s not going to be fun at all. We can leave as soon as we check in. This is not how I want to be spending my evening. And to prove my point with gusto, Mr. weather dumps another few million gallons of rain on our car as we inch toward the magical spot for a magical evening.

The thing is, it really was magical. We saw probably half a dozen rainbows. One framed the path I was walking on, and I heard God whisper, “My promise covers your path.” It really meant a lot to think that such a wonder was painted on the evening sky just for me. For the bonehead.

We got muddy. Our car got stuck on the field. We got wet. Real wet. And… had a total blast. We had to Rally race a big farm pickup truck into the field to get there and the kid’s rode in the back, howling and laughing the whole way. And then there was good friends, good food, satisfying laughter, and a spectacular sunset as the evening faded. Turns out that the night was exactly what we all needed.

The pics are some of God’s reminders. Of the fun? Sure. But mostly, that I’m a bonehead. To see more pics, check my website at www.bradhuebert.com.