First, let me say that I believe God invites us to pray as one form of cooperation with him in this world. And he answers.

But secondly, let me also say that statements like, “God does nothing unless we pray” are patently false. Let me put it this way. Let’s say you have a newborn baby. Do you insist that the little bundle has to cry before you feed her? Or your toddler—must they always say, “Daddy, supper” before you’ll give them any? Or your wife—does she have to ask for your love and affirmation every time you give it?

What would it say about you if any of those scenarios were true about you?
What does it say about the people that believe the equivalent about God?

It says they don’t understand his Fatherhood.

“Your father knows what you need before you ask him,” Jesus says. That’s another way of saying that God listens to our hearts. He knows what we long for, what we need. This week God brought tears to my eyes several times as I woke up to blessings that pre-empted my prayers. He knew. He really knew. And he moved to touch me, without me having to ask. Like a good Father should.

I’ll put it another way. How does it feel to only get hugs when you ask for them? How does it feel to hear “I love you” because you asked the person to say it?

On the other hand, how does it feel when someone knows you well enough to bless your socks off and touch your heart without you having to beg for it or even bring it up?

Let’s give God some credit. He doesn’t love on us because we ask him to. He loves on us because he adores us.