I’ve got a weird brain.

If you watched the “Hungry Orange” video I posted yesterday, you get exactly what I mean. What makes it even weirder is that the whole concept for the video dropped into my mind in about ten seconds. Maybe fifteen. Shauna says even just thinking about the way my mind works exhausts her.

Sometimes it exhausts me too, but mostly, it’s what energizes me. Ideas are like doing speed (I’m guessing. I’ve never done drugs of any kind. Well, okay, Tylenol in large quantities, but that doesn’t count. Talk to my headaches for a day and you’ll see). I love to preach. I love to write. I love to… well, honestly, I love to do anything creative.

I make board games. I even thunk up a way to combine Risk with Settlers of Catan. Printed up my own board and cards and icons and everything.

I write children’s stories. Novels (I could spend the next five years writing full time and not get to the end of all my ideas). Non-fiction. Blog entries. Poems. Parables. Curriculum and Bible studies. Short stories. Position papers. Anything.

I draw, paint, sculpt, and even work with willow occasionally. Last night I worked on a big, detailed cartoon of Santa pausing to consider a nativity scene with a tear in his eye. I make homemade cards for Shauna. I spend at least two hours a week on Photoshop designing logos, powerpoint slides, or laying out booklets of some sort.

I make home movies. Animated oranges. Star Wars lego animation. Video blogs. Clips for Sunday Services.

And I can’t imagine not doing these things. It’s one of those things God and I have in common because I’m made in his image. What is it for you? Compassion? Leadership? Cooking or baking? Physical challenges? I’d love to hear about what gets your heart beating.