Starting today, I’m beginning a series called “Life Through Jesus’ Eyes” – Paraphrasing actual words Jesus spoke in the gospel of John that get us into his headspace. If you want to think, see, hear, and act like Jesus, you won’t want to miss this. And tell people about it! Here we go…

First, THE BASICS. Try praying or saying this out loud, like a manifesto for your life! And remember, tomorrow gets even more exciting!

“My Father is always working in the world around me, even to this very day. So I’m working too, remembering that flesh gives birth to flesh and Spirit gives birth to spirit. My faith in Jesus means I can I do the kinds of things he did— and things even greater than that. He’s gone to the Father and given me his Spirit, after all—so when I ask Jesus for anything in His name, He does it.

My Father is always with me. I’m progressively realizing that Jesus is in the Father, and I am in Jesus, and He is in me. I am never “on my own” if I do what pleases Him. Never.

I want my life to be one continuous act of worship. True worshipers worship the Father in spirit and in truth. I want to be the kind of worshiper my Father seeks, so I’m learning to worship him in spirit and in truth. Which means he’s seeking me.

I understand that unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. This means that if I love my life I’ll lose it, but if I hate my life in this world I’ll keep it for eternal life. Holding to Christ’s teaching proves that I’m His disciple. As his disciple I’m growing to know the truth by experience and I’m also being set free by the truth as I go.”