If you haven’t already, please read the prior two posts before reading this one. It’s a series, and it all hangs together.


“As long as I’ve got daylight, I must do the work of the Father who sent me. Night is coming, a time when no one will be able to work.

As I work I remember that I can do nothing on my own or by myself. I’m learning to do what I see my Father doing. Like Father, like son, they say—so logically I should only do whatever my Father does. My Father loves me and shows me all He does so I can join him in his work. Father and son, working together—as it should be.

Jesus commands me to love people like he and our Father love me. If I love people like that they’ll know that I’m His disciple. Jesus and His Father love me so much; they’ve even come and made their home with me. Because I love Jesus, I obey his teaching and take care of His sheep like he wants me to. If I obey his commands, I’ll live in His love and friendship. There is nothing better in life.

Serving Him means following Him, so I go where he goes, which puts me right in the middle of what he’s doing. My Father honors me when I serve Him like that. If I work for the honor of the Father who sent me, I’m a person of truth and there is nothing false about me. Jesus is the light of the world, so I live by the truth and come into the light to show people plainly that what I’ve done I’ve done through God. I don’t take the credit. If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing. My Father, my God, He’s the one who glorifies me—or not. I’ll leave that to him.”

Read it out loud, pray it, live in it!

Tomorrow: My source of strength & life.