Another funny story. But first, to clarify, I’m not endorsing hit and run gas pranks. 😉

Anyways, some friends of ours from a past life had just finished coming from a family gathering and decided to get a car wash on the way home. The husband is driving (that’s important for the story). He pulls up to the little machine, punches in his code, and the light turns green, inviting him to edge ahead. So far, so good.

He’s leaning out the window, craning his neck as he inches the car into the narrow track. He has a thought: “Why haven’t I done this before? I usually struggle getting the car lined up perfectly, but leaning out the window like this, I can… ” CLUNK. The car finds the sweet spot. Nice.

No, not nice. The carwash kicks in, answering his query with a vengeful geyser of recycled water boring into the side of his head. He panics (which I understand), groping wildly for the electric “raise window” button while protecting his face in vain with the other arm.

LOCK. UNLOCK. LOCK. UNLOCK. Dang! Wrong button.

By the time he finds the right button, he’s soaked in stale yuck water. And the window is electric, remember, so it rises in slow motion. COME ON, COME ON!

When all is said and done, his family is peeing itself with laughter at his expense. “Honey, let’s just go back to my mom and dad’s and get you changed,” his wife suggests.

But that would mean humiliation beyond repair (here is where the man driving comes in). So instead, he opts to drive the hour and whatever home soaking wet just so he won’t have to face those people with his stupidity.

True story. As told by them. Life is good.