I’m wearing new $50 glasses.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I think the glasses (frames and lenses) were $24.99, and then I had to add like $4 for anti glare coating, $7 for scratch resistance, that kind of thing. Oh, and a couple of bucks for shipping. The whole thing came to $50 bucks. From Zenni Optical, BTW. Online. You pick your frames from pictures, input your prescription numbers, have someone measure the distance between your pupils (Shauna did it for me… we had her do it 5-6 times and took the average), click your options, pay, and WHOOSH! Off it goes. We thought it was too good to be true, but they arrived in the mail, I put those babies on…

And they’re the clearest glasses I’ve ever worn. Too funny! I love ’em!

My other pair got broken this past summer and I’ve either been wearing nothing or an old pair with an old prescription. My eyes had gotten used to that, so I’ve had some headaches as my eyes have gotten used to the new prescription. I’m almost there.

Lenses. New lenses. New clarity. Headaches.

This happens with God, all the time. He reveals a $50 truth that looks “cheap” enough, but when you try it on, it changes the way you look at the world. It offers a new clarity. But that’s often a headache, because we’ve gotten used to the old way of seeing and were okay with that. The new way hurts. We see things we don’t want to see. Things that need cleaning up, changing, adjusting.

We might be okay with the old lens, but God never is. And that’s with a $50 truth. You should see what happens when he nails you with a $500 dollar one. Or a $5000. Or bigger. Those kinds of truths change just about everything, require a life-change of massive proportions. He’s trying to change the way you look at life, period. I’ve had a few of those, and believe me, the headaches are brutal for a season …

And the euphoria in the aftermath is simply beyond what words can fumble over.

Try this new lens on, he says.