The “Day ‘O’ Indy” cometh.

I’m referring to two, count ’em, TWO invitations I have received recently to watch all three Indiana Jones movies in sequence and then go to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the evening.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my favorite movies of all time, right behind the first Matrix and Last of the Mohicans. The soundtrack gives me goosebumps. It’s like a time portal whisking me back to my childhood when I loved digging and climbing and exploring and could do it without people thinking, “Hey, what’s that guy doing?”

Honestly, I’ve been waiting just about two decades for this. I’ve held a secret grudge against Lucas and Spielberg and Ford for holding off this long. Patriot Games? Sure. Star Wars? Amistad? Schindler’s List? Okay. But where was Indy, gentlemen? What were you thinking?! I just hope Ford doesn’t look like a geriatrics patient for too much of the movie.

I digress. I love the look of the trailer — they’ve kept the classic punch-you-out-of-the-driver’s-seat-while-careening-down-a-gravel-road humor. Some of the old characters are back. And I suppose Shia Labeuf does have that bumbling, accessible charm that Ford had when he was a young ‘un. Kate Blanchett should be good too. Caves, chases, burly dumb bodyguards, crates in warehouses, treasure in the jungle… it’s all there, I’m telling you.

Aw, man, look… you got me all riled up.

This Saturday, people. Day ‘O Indy!!!!!