It’s Friday. I’m feeling down, kinda sad. But Monday’s ‘comin.

It’s Friday. Moving to Calgary has been a wild ride, but a lonely one. But Monday’s ‘comin.

It’s Friday, and… you get the point. I’m REEEAAAALLLY looking forward to Monday, for a couple of reasons.

It’s my day off. That’s a start. A day to recharge my batteries, inhale, and rest.

But the real pull of Monday is that I get Shauna (my wife) all to myself.

I get to take her out for coffee and sit across a Starbucks table and daydream into her eyes. I get to hear the gems of her heart, pour out mine, talk about life, our kids, and nothing in particular. I get to play cards, hold hands, look back, look forward, look inward, look to God, and mostly, look at my best friend.

After coffee, we drive home… and the rest of the morning is none of your business.

It’s Friday, but Monday is ‘comin.