Have you heard this?

“SAO PAULO, Brazil – The luxurious lifestyle of a convict in northeastern Brazil has come to an abrupt end after police confiscated a plasma TV set, gym equipment, two pistols and cash worth US$173,000 from his cell. Bahia’s Prison Affairs Department head Jose Francisco Leite said police raided the cell in a statewide crackdown on drug trafficking.”

Okay, you know a system is corrupt when drugs and guns are a problem in prison. Isn’t that supposed to be where people go to pay for having problems with drugs and guns?

This world is a weird place, though. If you really want to catch a bug and get sick, visit a hospital, right? There is no insulating people from sin and corruption, because the problem lies within us. You can take the horse from the country, but you can’t take the country from the horse.

Which is why I’m so amazed when sinful people actually change when Jesus Christ truly gets ahold of them. Not that I didn’t think Jesus can do it, it’s just that sin runs so very deep. When someone is truly healed of an addiction to anger or lust or anything else, that’s no less spectacular than growing an amputated arm back.

You think God creating the world out of nothing was amazing? How about creating holiness out of corruption? Joy out of despair? Peace out of angst? Love out of hate?