Have you ever found yourself lying in bed after waking up, pondering a vivid dream that seemed to fade into the mists of obscurity, even while you thought about it? Have you ever wondered how to interpret your dreams?

I’ve been a night dreamer for as long as I can remember. Night terrors ravaged me well into my late teens, and I often found myself perplexed, curious, or disturbed by the kaleidoscope of bizarre imagery that somehow crossed over from the mysterious realm of subconscious soup to conscious thought.

Everybody dreams

A few weeks ago, I was undergoing treatment for lingering symptoms of a concussion when the topic of dreams came up. “Oh, I don’t dream very much,” my therapist said. Maybe that describes you! But science tells us that everyone dreams; it’s just that we don’t usually remember them. Many of us can recall a few dreams that stood out over the years. The physical therapist did:

“But when I do, I’m being chased by a wolf or a lion and sometimes they end up killing me.”

I paused to pray, then replied: “When people dream of being chased, it often signifies that something from your past is catching up with you, and you’re afraid it will destroy you. Does that resonate with you at all?”

She didn’t pause. She chuckled. “Yup. Some really painful things happened when I was a kid and I’ve kinda stuffed them away, but lately they’ve been coming back up and I’m afraid to deal with them.”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you,” I said. “The reason those dreams are coming up now is that when you were little, you didn’t have the tools to deal with that kind of trauma. But now that you’re an adult, the box you put those memories is breaking down. The good news is, you have tools to deal with it as an adult that you didn’t have when the bad things happened.” I then mentioned that God could help her deal with those things. She was genuinely intrigued by the idea.

Dreams can be interpreted

Are you curious about dreams and what they mean, maybe for yourself, maybe so you can help others? Me too! In the past few years, God has given me dreams for specific guidance, along with personal growth and insight. He’s taught me how to interpret dreams for people in such a way that they are inspired to live fuller, deeper lives. It’s so. Much. Fun!

You can learn how to interpret your dreams and the dreams of others! For starters, I have two exciting resources to share with you. One is a phenomenal book written by Cindy McGill called “What Your Dreams Are Telling You.” Cindy’s experience with showing people how to interpret dreams is impressive, and she’s helped me more than I can express. You can order it right here.

Another resource I recommend is a free webinar I hosted recently called “Unlocking the Power of Your Night Dreams.” You can watch that replay here. It will get you started with learning how to interpret your dreams.

What about you? Do you dream regularly? Do you remember your dreams? Comment below!