I’ve realized lately that holiness is a touchy subject.

I think that’s largely because yesteryear’s generations preached it as a legalistic, list-based morality. The kind of stuff that empowered you to look down your nose at people less holier-than-thou. It became a tool for judgement, for pounding grace into the dust.

So maybe that’s why I haven’t heard a sermon on holiness in my living memory. We’re afraid of going there.

Problem is, there are more verses on holiness in the BIble than on prayer, more than on faith, more than grace, more than truth, even. There are 650 + references to holiness in the Bible. Translation? Get over your misgivings, cause we have no choice but to go there.

Know what, though? There’s a radiance to holiness. A captivating beauty. An inspiring purity. A powerful intimacy. Because more than rules, more than morals, more than behavior or abstinence or anything else, being holy means being absolutely HIS. His and his alone. Like husband and wife, naked and unashamed.

How’s that for intimate?

“Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine.” I’m staggered by that. But even more, right now I want to be his — body, soul, and spirit. Money, time, and treasures. All of me.