Endless abyss of blessedness
Oceans of love crashing
For me
For now
For always.
Magnificent, scandalous exchanges
Sin for righteousness
Striving for rest
Frustration for fruit I can taste, can enter
Death swallowed by life, by victory, my Jesus
Tears of pain deluged by tears of joy,
Homecoming, heartwarming
Weariness trumped by everlasting power to be, in Him
Fears lie fallow to grace
In the face
Of Love.
Darkness dissolved by His light
Easy, permanent, etched there
My failures spun into glory, His glory, I sing for Him
My shortcomings brushed to perfection, I share in Him
My mortality trumped by immortality, He and I, I gaze at Him
My face true before God, my Savior, my Lord
Knowing, receiving
I’m full
In full
My pretending, swapped for reality, He sees
Bathed in relief, release, forever, nothing lacking, never, ever
Balm of His blood, I praise Him endlessly, glaze His feet in my worship
My stress for His tranquility, always graced, supported
His price paid, his pain, my guarantee—no going back
His stripes, my wholeness, all of it
His all,
My all,
He deserves, I receive
For ever.
For ever…
Joy unchained, leaping, bounding
Love unconquerable, soaring, singing
Light beyond comprehension
HIM. Enough.

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