I see halos.

Not the saintly kind, but the “impending cranial destruction” variety that predicates a migraine. If you’ve never experienced one, imagine the northern lights redacted into oscillating geometric shapes pushing a widening crescent moon across your field of vision. This one began twenty minutes ago where my eyes focus, making it impossible for me to read. Now it’s almost peripheral. I’m timing it to see how long it lasts, writing this down so I can compare notes when it’s prophecy is fulfilled within the next day or two.

Makes me think of auras. I’m no new age junkie, but there is something to the idea that people “give off” (for lack of a better phrase) a thousand kinds of signals as they plod their way through life. Body language. Tone of voice. Clothing. Vehicles. Cars. Scents (or smells, depending on their hygiene). But beyond all of that, there’s something deeper.

Once, when I was in a coffee shop, I sensed that a woman across from our table was a witch. She had her back turned, and whipped around suddenly when I began to pray for her.

Several times now, I have had complete strangers tell me that they could sense I was a Christian with no outward signals to guide them.

Another time, I met someone for the first time and commented to Shauna later, “There’s something wrong with that guy.” He was soon caught having an affair.

Christians call this discerning of spirits, or words of knowledge. But is it farfetched to think that unbelievers might develop a spiritual awareness of sorts that enables them to sense (in a clumsy, deception prone way) the presence of good and evil, vice and virtue?

Even more basic, what signals am I sending today? Does my life radiate the presence, joy, holiness, and peace of Jesus?


Hey—my halo is gone.

Both of them. 😉