Good people are ALWAYS worth holding on to.

I’ve got some good people in my life. I mean even beyond my angelic wife. I’ve got friends that will tell me what they think God thinks of me and what I’m up to in my life. Sometimes it’s affirming, sometimes not. Good people.

Like Elaine. Elaine found me after Sunday’s service and told me, in a nutshell, that while God’s hand was clearly on me, that I’d also make a lovely mounted head on Satan’s trophy wall along with the long string of pastors already there in his gallery, with that deer-in-headlights look that froze on their faces just before he duped them into moral failures of every stripe and color.

Wow, that was a long sentence.

She was saying, in case my grammar buried the message, that I need to be careful to guard my heart — especially in the wake of the emotionally-charged media-frenzied circus of a week I just stumbled through. Good word, huh?

No, I mean hers, not mine.

A seasoned pastor once told me that we all need at least one person in our lives that isn’t impressed by us — someone who can see through the personas and puppet shows, a person who can hold up a mirror and isn’t afraid to do it. Someone who tells you the truth about yourself. If that person happens to like you, all the better. But even if they don’t, if they’re right, they’re a friend, not a foe.