Been re-reading a good book lately. It’s called “Christianity With Power: How Your Worldview Affects Your Experience of the Supernatural” by Charles Kraft. Wordy, but wonderful.

Charles is a missionary anthropologist and theologian, so he’s eminently qualified to write on what he does. It’s really good and challenging and freeing all at once. Kinda calling me home. But content aside, I’ve become aware of something as I read it:

I’m reading it conversationally, which I normally don’t. You probably do; you probably pray your way through everything. I’m still learning this stuff. So when I hit a sentence that applies to me, nailing me on some unbelief or sin or baggage, I don’t just say, “Hmmm. Good point.” I stop, put the book down, and repent. I own it, admit it, lay it at the feet of Jesus. Then I pick up the book and keep going. As a result, I’m changing as I read: Not just my head-space, but my heart-space.

It’s fun!

BTW, stay tuned tomorrow for the final video in the target series. It’ll be a gooder, I think.