When God paints a ripping sunset, I’ve been known to stop my car, step out, and give him a round of applause.

Sometimes you have to snap your own rhythm to tap back into the life that now runs parallel to your heart instead of inside it.

I pray. A lot.

Sometimes, I ask God for things. Other times, I just dump. Sometimes, I just listen.

Far too often, I don’t say thank you.

Far too often, even when I say thank you, I don’t package it with rightful passion.

Far too often, my worship is planned and scripted by someone holding a guitar.

Far too often, my worship is not an unpredictable eruption of praise and awe fit for the King.

When was the last time you said “Thank you” to God?

When was the last time you laid yourself out on the floor, flat on your face in front of his throne? I understand… that’s hard to do in front of other people. But my thing is, if someone has never physically bowed and prostrated themselves in the presence of Jesus, I wonder if they have begun to grasp who it is they’re talking to.

When was the last time you gave him the “wow” he deserves?

When was the last time an answer to prayer humbled you?

Me, that’d be last night. Three out of four, anyway.

It felt good.