This post is going to be a little longer, but I’ve got to tell my “getting to the writer’s conference in Mount Hermon, California” story. First, let me say that I was already planning to arrive a day and a half late. Married a great couple yesterday, and Shauna whisked me to the airport directly from the ceremony. Like, five minutes after striding down the isle, I was in a t-shirt and jeans. Now the story, quoted directly from my prayer journal.

5:15pm. The plane is supposed to take off. The last flight of the day. It doesn’t.
6:00pm. So… here I am, sitting in a plane on the Calgary tarmac… wondering whether we’re going to get off the ground—whether I’m going to have to get off this plane and go home instead of San Francisco. “Trust me,” you said. And I know you didn’t mean everything would necessarily work out like I wanted—but your will for me would be done. And then, the voice of the Captain crackles over the tinny speakers as I write the last paragraph: THe problem has been rectified, we’ll be taking off in a few minutes. Thank you, God, that your plans and my desires lined up – at least for this, at least for now. I love you. Let’s get this plane off the ground!
6:15 pm. The problem has returned with the aircraft computer. They’re trying to find us a new plane. I trust you, though I’m nervous and would be so disappointed to miss another morning (of the conference). I call Shauna to ask her to pray.
6:20 pm. The captain announces that they’ve found us another plane, that we’ll be another hour before leaving. No problem, as long as I can leave and arrive tonight. Give me grace, Father.
7:02 pm. I’m almost afraid to write this, but I felt like you said Psalm 20. I read it and among other things it said, “May he give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” Remember my entry at 6:00pm? Oh God, could it be true? Is this my breakthrough in writing? Is that my heart’s desire? The plans you’re referring to?
7:22pm. I’m on the “new” plane. Thanks Jesus!
8:23 (California time). Just finished watching “Yes man!” on the plane. Reminds me that while saying YES to everything is dangerous, saying YES to you is always for the best. Always.
11:05pm. I pull into Mt Hermon and no administrative staff are awake. I stumble into a cafeteria that’s still open and meet a bunch of the faculty (for the conference) who invite me to sit at their table while I figure out where I’m going to sleep. In my car? I hope not!
11:55pm. I slip into bed… in the faculty cabin! Hilarious, Jesus. And thank you. Good night.