Okay, so here’s the deal: Check out the bradhuebert.com banner graphic, shown above.

There are sixteen geekish references to books, movies, and TV shows hidden in that picture (cue epic soundtrack).

Successfully list all sixteen references before anyone else does, and you’ll win a $15 iTunes gift card.

Oh, and also the white-knuckled respect of the entire geekster community.ย This is your moment.

Record your guesses as a comment below.ย If you’re first, it won’t matter that others see what you wrote. On the other hand, feel free to use other people’s comments to complete your list as needed.

I’ll announce the winner when we have one (and we can exchange emails when the time comes). If no one guesses them all, I’ll go with the geek who guesses the most.ย Beware: two of these visual references are gonna be tough to crack.

Do you have what it takes?

Do ya?