Well, after a synaptic flurry of cranial proportions, one hardcore reader eventually guessed fifteen of the sixteen clues found in the header graphic as seen above. Here they are, in case you’re interested.

1. Serenity from Firefly top left (YES)
2. The iron throne from Game of Thrones bottom left? (YES)
3. Matrix code in background left (YES)
4. Skyrim sigil from the Elder Scrolls V below Serenity (YES)
5. Ironman’s energy core below Serenity? (YES)
6. 300 silhouette middle (YES)
7. Matrix pods above middle (NO)
8. Guy from Walking Dead middle right (YES, my pal Rick the sherif)
9. Stargate Atlantis (YES)
10. Millenium Falcon above right (YES)
11. Alien from Alien top right (YES)
12. Autobot symbol right (YES)
13. Bird from Hunger Games (YES, a mockingjay).
14 Terminator bottom right (YES)
15. Doctor Who, Tardis (YES)
16. Is that Spiderman’s suit I see in the middle? (YES)

Since that’s probably all we’re going to get at this point, the award (and iTunes card) goes to Steven Sukkau. Woo hoo! I’m not going to tell you what the final clue (the upper middle background) is. I’m reserving yet another $15 iTunes card for the astute guesser who finally nails it. So there. Have a great night!


We have a winner on the background guessing: Floating Mountains (Hallelujah Mountains) from Avatar. Congrats to Jeremie Boulianne. 


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