Friendship has been on my brain the past twenty four hours.

Remember my driveway debacle? We found out that there is no building code for driveways, which means there is no standard to hold contractors up to. Meaning, we’re on our own. I’ve been so tired lately, ever since the Dalhousie massacre and the media frenzy amidst it all. My schedule has been insane, often including multiple appointments per night, 5 or 6 nights a week. I don’t ordinarily allow my life to get this busy, but this two week stretch just kinda needed to happen as is.

All that to say, I had no energy, brain cells, or even foggy clues about how to proceed with getting my driveway fixed. I’m just plain overwhelmed to the point of not caring. So I spoke with a contractor buddy of mine in Manitoba, asking him about codes and things like that. Not asking for help, just talking. Two hours later, he called back. He’d phoned a bunch of people out here for me (2 Provinces away), got some quotes and leads, and was going to do more work on that for me today. I teared up, grateful for a true, lifelong friend who goes to bat for me when I have nothing left to muster. I needed that, Sam. Thanks more than you can ever know.

Then today, I called up another dear friend and had the chance to switch roles, to connect on deep stuff for his benefit in his dark moments. Gritty, costly, life-giving friendship. Stronger than steel. Worth fighting for. Both of these guys have carried me and allowed me to carry them. My life would be so much poorer without them.

Thank you, Jesus.