Well, I’ve done it now.

This past week God’s been working on me, slowly prying my fingers from their possessive clutch: My prized book, Finding Home: A Parable of Kingdom Life.

It’s been going well, people are reading it, I’ve been getting five star reviews… but I’ve had this nagging sense that something’s missing. Today, not even ten minutes ago, I let go, releasing the entire future of my book into my Father’s hands.

I gave in to his prompting and decided to give it away free to anyone who wants one. Period.

Yes, I’m serious. You can go right now to my site, www.findinghomebook.com, click on the button that says “Get ebook free” and within five minutes you’ll be reading my life’s manifesto free of charge.

Not only that, you’ll have permission… no, more, a COmmission to send the e-version to as many people as you can think of. Yes, people can still buy a paper copy on Amazon, through Barnes and Noble, or Chapters/Indigo. But if 10,000 people want a free electronic version, they shall have it.

So off you go! Go get a copy. Even if you have a paper version, get the e-version and send, send, SEND! Friends, family, acquaintances, everyone. I want to start a revolution. This was never about the money. It’s about helping people connect with Jesus.

So go forth, and multiply… a pdf proliferation, that is. I love you, Jesus.