Eva was one of the first to read Finding Home, and wrote this review:

What a gem! Finding Home is definitely a rare find. It’s not often I rave about books but this is one I’ve been recommending to a lot of people. Not only is it brilliantly written but it’s refreshing in its’ ideas and teachings. It’s a book that only got better as I read and reread it. I wept as the King in the story poured out his heart to Ivan, thinking that the King’s words were too good to be true only to find that the his words and promises are not only for Ivan, but me and every other human being on the earth.

This book is such an encouragement and its’ eloquently painted pictures of what life could look like stayed with me long after I had set it down. God’s words and promises came alive for me in a way I hadn’t experienced before. This is one book you don’t want to pass up – it is definitely, definitely worth the purchase…

🙂 Eva K