First of all I need to say, WHAT?! No comments on my wife? Huh? I mean, I understand if it’s jealousy because she’s so stunning and wonderful… but get over it.

Ahem. And now, the main event… God. Favorite thing #10. The one, the only. I’ve saved the best for last.

Where do I start? Do I extol the splendorous magnificence of his holiness? Do I drool over his confounding faithfulness or croon about his ravishing grace? Should I mention the extravagance of his consuming love or rave about his understated raw power? On the other hand, I could ramble for an hour about his benevolent patience, bumble through a wooden description of his truth, or run out of words trying to paint a picture of his beauty.

I could thank him for his ridiculous inclusion of me in his eternal plan, or praise him for smiling on me. I could kneel before his withering justice or kiss his feet with intimate desire.

I could worship him for reaching into my sorry little world and wrenching me free from the muck of my own selfish darkness and I could sing him a song for cleaning me off, setting me straight, giving me a purpose, coming to live inside of me. I could bow to his Kingly rule and blush at his scandalous passion for redeeming the dirty, the tainted, the rotten, and the impossible.

As E.M. Lockridge said in his famous sermon, “My King,” in which he drones on for five minutes in spectacular prose about his Jesus, “I wish I could describe him to you.”

P.S. Father, I hope you like this post.