I don’t know much about my long-term future these days. I thought I did, even just six months ago—but now, it’s a blue-ocean mystery to me—a frontier I’m wading into with Jesus day by day.

What I do know, as people close to me have affirmed over and over, is that:

  • I need to preach, teach, and write
  • I need to point both lost and found people to Jesus
  • I love investing in stuck people who want to be free, and in free people who want to be fruitful
  • Creativity is at the heart of who I am (and how God made us). So whatever my future holds, it will also hold space for me to be who God has made me to be. More than ever, in fact.

Pray for me, friends! I need my community now, more than ever. God is stirring multiple creative streams in me, and I’m exploring what they might look like in this next season. I can hardly wait to share them with you.

For the time being, I’ll share this:

Any words of wisdom, advice, or encouragement for me? I’d love to hear your thoughts!