I got a really cool email today from someone who’d had a dream that I was in, and thought it was significant. Like, from God. She shared the dream with me, and it really did speak to me. I haven’t settled totally on the meaning yet, but that’ll come.

Now, there are pizza dreams, brought on by too much spicy food before bed. Or “soul dreams,” as someone once described them… kind of a peek into our subconscious struggles, banes, and fears. Satan can introduce dreams too. Nightmares on drugs, kinda thing.

But God gives dreams too. More than we realize. Try reading Matthew sometime, in particular the Christmas story. Joseph is told to marry Mary by an angel in a dream. He’s told to escape to Egypt through a dream, told to come back by a dream. The wisemen are told to avoid Herod on the return trip by a dream. Pretty solid pattern there.

I don’t get many God dreams, but I know people who do. God confirms things to me in dreams sometimes. Sometimes the dream raises an issue that I’m apparently too thick-headed to appreciate while awake. Captive audience while I’m sleeping, I guess.

What about you? Ever had a God dream? Willing to share it?