God’s touched me a lot lately.

1. He prompted a dear woman in our church to pray that God would protect me from the attacks of the enemy, and then he prompted her to tell me about it.
2. He’s been opening my mind to powerful truths in his word.
3. He’s been giving me joy in my weakness.
4. Today at lunch I sat with Shauna across from her parents, and the way she touched me, so tenderly, was like water to my soul.
5. I heard “Walking her home” today on the radio, a song by Mark Schulz, and I cried as I thanked God for a life partner worth walking through all of this with.
6. I passed on some of my recent writing to a few friends to look at, and Annie Downs in particular gushed all over it with her Nashvillian effervescence and totally encouraged my heart in the process.
7. I can sense his smile in the silence, hugging me tightly while I type at this post.
8. My church’s Spiritual Leadership Team meeting last night was so productive and Christ-like, such a blessing.
9. I’ve had some pretty amazing comments on my blog lately, and I appreciate every one of them.
10. My pastoral team critiqued something I’ve been up to lately, and the gift of honesty is so amazing. I don’t take that for granted.

What about you? How has God been touching you lately?