Most distractions go unnoticed.

If you noticed them, you wouldn’t let them work. Most of the time. All things being equal.

Most of my drifting from God happens slowly, almost imperceptibly. It’s not so much a choice as a lack of choices. Perhaps our greatest sin in drifting is being inattentive.

People often ask me if I’m “anti discipline” in my casting of a relationship with God. Absolutely not. But the discipline isn’t self initiated. It’s not about activity, it’s about obedience, obedience in the small things.

Obedience in the large things is relatively easy because the stakes are obvious. And it’s usually about NOT doing something: Don’t kill. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t covet. Don’t commit adultery.

Obedience in the small things (or what seem like small things) is harder because the stakes are not usually obvious. Who would have thought that making that phone call would have made that guy’s day and changed the trajectory of his entire life? Who would have thought that going to that soccer game to cheer on your son reinforced his sense of being loved and gave him the spine he’ll need to walk a straight line in his job on Wall street?

I haven’t broken any “Don’ts” today, to my knowledge. But I have neglected a whole slew of “do’s”…

And I’m sorry, God, for what I missed because I wasn’t attentive. Thanks for your grace, it’s sweet and tender and enough for me. I want to walk with you.