Well, yesterday was disappointing. “You look totally defeated,” a friend of mine commented.

Yeah, I did. I’ve been working on and off for a whole year on the twenty page writing sample I brought here to pitch to editors and agents. And it’s good.

And then yesterday, I realized that the story as a whole was missing a pretty major element. Which may just mean I’m not ready to pitch after all. That the twenty pages might need to shift somewhat. Sigh.

Which led to a serious conversation between God and I about why he brought up a verse that said, “May he grant you the desires of your heart and may your plans succeed” the other day. I obviously got all excited about it. Which led to a discussion about what my heart’s desire really is, what it should be, and what my plans were.

Honestly, I didn’t plan to get picked up by a Publishing House this week. I really didn’t. Didn’t get my hopes up, didn’t expect a hit. And yet, I was so disappointed to realize my writing wasn’t as ready as I thought it was. Been praying up a storm, doing some real soul-searching with God at the helm. Which is good. How do you process setbacks and disappointment? Maybe we can learn from each other.

On another note, the Redwoods are stunning again… still… no kidding. I’ll keep you posted about the writing, though. I do have two tentative meetings with editors in the next day and a half.