I got two books in the mail today—hardcover beauties written by some Brad Huebert dude living in Calgary, Alberta.

Oh right. That’s me. Huh.

Awhile back I mentioned that “Finding Home: A Parable of Kingdom Life” had entered its second printing in Germany. Today my complimentary copies arrived. I noticed the first word was “Die.” Sounds serious. Though probably less so in German. Funny thing is, I have no idea whether the book is any good… in German. I guess it must be, people are buying it overseas. But I can’t read German, so I’m also assuming they’ve translated it accurately. Tim Geddert, a multilingual seminary prof in California, proofed it for me and gave it the thumbs up. Okay, Tim.

From time to time I get someone from Germany or Holland sending me an email, telling tales of changed lives via reading the book. Or Germans wanting to be friends on Facebook, which is pretty cool too. It’s all pretty surreal.

But here’s the thing: I’ve got this extra hardcover copy of the German edition of Finding Home, and I’d love to send it to the first person (in North America, to avoid silly postage) who wants it. Send me an email and we can get the ball rolling.

On another note, beastly early on Thursday I’m headed for Mt. Hermon, CA and the annual Christian Writer’s Conference I’ve attended there the past three years. SO looking forward to that, what God will say and do with me and my writing. I’m going armed with query letters and proposals and sample chapters for my recent Time Travel book and can hardly wait to pitch it to the biggies in the business. Please pray for me!

Gotta go, time to rest before tonight’s leadership meeting. Peace!