Lord Jesus, there are golden moments when I become especially aware of You, and it is glorious. I’m not speaking of the grand movements of your hugeness, but the tiniest slivers of joy, peace, and presence fluttering near the edges of my focus—perfectly clear and awaiting my attention, yet far too easy to dismiss.

Oh teach me, and teach me yet again, to drop everything round about me in order to relish, celebrate, and give my full self to your golden threads of subtle wooing. When I embrace these pinpricks of glory, they rend the dull tent of my earthly existence. It’s as though all of heaven swings open from that simple gateway. Draughts of Spirit-life flood my soul with delight and wonder, and I draw more peace, joy, and insight from attending to those noble journeys than anything the world can offer.

How often have I exclaimed like a child, “Oh! There you are!” My God and Father, you are my delight—often hidden from my eyes by my own distractions and petty pursuits. As I fix my eyes upon You, I await the sweetest treasure of all—You looking back at me, and Your smile.