Yesterday was like a delicious dream. Instead of loathing the ticking clock, I looked to Jesus all day and asked, “What next?” After my morning date with Shauna, I:

– Assembled a few hundred pieces of my son Noah’s megablocks castle.
– Built my son Joel a corner display shelf for all the action figures and spaceships in his room.
– Played some video games.
– Vacuumed the basement and main floor.
– Went for a hike with all three kids on a nearby ridge – gorgeous
– Stopped in to see Shauna at work (she works Monday nights).
– Played with Glory and Joel in his room, made an imaginext castle for him to play with.
– Made a short stop motion video with Noah.
– Read a chapter from Tabitha’s Travels, an advent book, with all three kids.
– Made the kids a snack.
– Danced spontaneously around the living room with Glory and Joel to Lincoln Brewster’s
– Tucked them in and had our prayer time.

All said, my day ROCKED! I didn’t feel the time ticking, I just enjoyed myself. Nothing felt rushed for forced. I was at rest, in sabbath, and it was marvelous! Thank you, Jesus. Why haven’t I lived like this more often? Just moving between what God lays on my heart?