Job descriptions are important.

Sometimes we ask God to do the stuff he expects us to do.

God funnels the little stuff we’re supposed to do into something called obedience.

He calls the trust we exercise while obeying him in the little stuff dependence.

He channels the stuff we cannot do ourselves into something called prayer.

It works wonderfully, not just in the spiritual life but with life in general.

Imagine a little boy asking his mommy for a cookie. It’s on the counter.

“May I have a cookie, mommy?”

“Why sure, sweetheart.”

“Can you get it for me?”

“No, you’re a big boy. Why don’t you pull a chair up to the counter and then you can get one yourself.”

“The chair is heavy.”

“I’ll help you push it.”

Mom and son push the chair, with mom doing most the work.

The boy gets up on the chair. “I don’t want to fall.”

“I’ll hold your hand.”

He snaps up the cookie. “Now may I have a glass of milk?” He’s only four. Not old enough to pour the milk himself.

“Sure, sweetie. I’ll get that for you.” She pours him a glass and puts it on the kitchen table.

Obedience. Dependence. Prayer.

Life is so much more beautiful when obedience, dependence, and prayer are in their proper place.