Following up on my last post, Hurricane, I had an interesting conversation I’ll share with you today. Yesterday we hosted a pastor’s lunch at our church and a newer pastor to our area attended. He and I are becoming friends, a real man of God and a God-send. I had a bad migraine yesterday and asked for prayer, especially given the week we’ve had in ministry. Later on he sent me this note on Facebook:

“So, when is a headache not a headache?
One of the spiritual gifts God has given me is the gift of discernment, and when you mentioned that you had a migraine at lunch, I thought it was interesting because I was sensing that something was up, not particularly with you, but just that there was some warfare going on in the building. I had what I call a “spiritual headache” that I get when that gift of discernment is operating.
Just wondering out loud if it’s possible that there is some spiritual battle going on that is also a part of the migraine you had today. I don’t like to overspiritualize that stuff, but just thought I’d raise the question. Sometimes a headache is just a headache.”

Yeah, but given the fact that I’ve been sensing the attack too, and that my son had his fourfold dream about being attacked, he’s probably bang on. God is moving in our church, powerfully — and the enemy is pushing back, predictably. I’m not sensationalizing or fearful. It’s just a fact. It’s just the way it is. And as far as the confirmation of my discernment, God does that, you know. He confirms things we suspect may be true, if we have eyes and ears to receive it — a song on the radio, a verse of scripture, a message on Facebook. He gets really creative! And as a mentor of mine once put it, the greater the stakes, the greater the confirmation will be.

Ever experienced anything like that?