I’m a strong person. And also very fragile.

I have a stubborn streak a quarter mile wide. I work out and my torso is actually starting to look like something. I’m a visionary preacher and leader with lots to offer. And I get migraines that put me flat on my back, fairly often at that. I need my sleep or I get grumpy. I’m a wimp when I get sick. Just ask Shauna.

I have strong moral fiber and a growing, unflinching integrity, even when it costs me dearly. I generally do the right thing when it’s called for. I’m very creative. And my passion can flame me out. And I can be prone to a short fuse, especially with my kids. And my creativity can pretty much dry up if I spend it too aggressively in one place.

I’m a caring husband and an involved father. I’m a devoted friend and a loyal supporter. And sometimes I feel so weak that I’m the one who needs to be held and hugged. And I need frequent verbal affirmation. And I recharge my batteries by being alone.

I love people and believe in them and love to believe God to work through them. And I get frustrated with people and sometimes wish I could tear a strip off them. With my bare hands.

I have a strong body. And a bad back.

The thing is, God knows all this and more. And he still likes me. Loves me. Uses me. In spite of it. Because of it. Transcending it all. Both sides of the coin. Both sides of me.

How about you?