What does Christianity, the movement look like? It’s built on two simple pillars:

1. A radically irreligious intimacy with God through Jesus Christ. Dump the duty, the religious routines, the guilt-induced daily mantras, the pre-chewed spiritual truth, and see what you have left. You’ll see what I mean. Try it. If you’re already not doing much to nurture your relationship with God, what’cha got? A passionate love for Jesus that launches you into radical trust? Or are you just existing? If you are one of those “devotionally correct” folks, drop that for two weeks and see what’s left. Most people I know have no idea what to do with themselves when Status Quo Churchianity isn’t an option. Remember, it was Jesus’ “radical irreligion” that got him killed. Now his followers are some of the most religious people around. Yuck. Whatever happened to walking with God? For my best attempt at describing this life, order my book, Finding Home. Do it now.

2. An uncomfortably practical love for “my people.” As Erwin McManus preaches it, “We are the church, and the church is for the world.” And who are your people? Uh, the ones around you. The ones in your life. Jesus called them… are you ready…? neighbors. And that still works. I’m stunned at how many Christians outright refuse to follow Jesus on this point. Send shoes to India. Build wells in Africa. Support the career missionaries in Peru or the youth’s short term mission trip. Drive past three hundred thousand lost people on the twenty two minute haul to church on Sunday. All good stuff. But invest in MY people, the people right in front of my nose, the ones in my cul-de-sac or in the adjoining cubicle? Nooo..hhoo..nooooo. People, we need to wake up. I’m just as called to live in my house on my street as I am called to be the pastor of my church twenty two minutes away. Obey Jesus. Invest in the people around you. First. Not last.

The thing is, you absolutely CAN NOT do these two things even just over half-way and remain committed to Status Quo Churchianity. It’s just not possible. Perhaps you need a religious conversion? From Churchianity to Christianity? Hmmm?

The call to North Americans, I think, is to convert from Status Quo Churchianity to Christianity, the Movement — to hammer at our religion until it lines up with our faith.