No bones about it, Christian Geeks: I want you to join the Geek Faith Tribe. I want you to dive right in and get your geek on here. Here’s what’s in it for you:

1. You’ll learn how to leverage your geekness to grow your faith.

I’ve pretty much been a geek since birth. I grew up pretending my Greedo Star Wars figure was spider man because I didn’t have a Spidey figure to play with, for example. I’m also a hardcore Christ-follower. And a Pastor, even. The freakish thing is, I’m finally figuring out how to bring those passions together. Stick around and you’ll discover how powerful it can be when geeks and faith unite. Christian Geeks are awesome.

We’ll “get our geek on” in all kinds of fun ways, but you can expect two or three thought-provoking (or laugh out loud) blog posts a week. I love engaging with people around comments to blog my posts, so comment away! My favourite topics: movies, time travel, technology, and parallels to spiritual life. Here’s a helpful post to get you started if you haven’t read it yet.

How Being a Geek Helps My Faith

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2. You can connect with other Christian Geeks.

After launching this site and its epic twin (Geek Faith Tribe) on Facebook, I realized the Christian geeks gathering there were hungry for community. People said things like, “I’m so glad I found this site, thank you so much. I don’t know many geeks who are Christians,” or “My pastor doesn’t like geeks,” or “My church thinks gaming is pure evil.”

Well, I’m not one of those pastors. I’m a Christian geek who loves Christian Geeks. So welcome here, and welcome home. Here’s a fantastic blog post explaining my vision for community in the Geek Faith Tribe in more detail: The Geek Faith Tribe: Your New Home. As you comment on stuff, you’ll meet other amazing Geeks just like you.

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3. You’ll get geek goodies.

I’ve already given away some great freebies. With the launch of the Geek Faith Tribe Newsletter, I’m planning to give away a lot more amazing geekery in the coming months to newsletter subscribers. This month, for example, you’ll get a great little Ebook called “Six Facebook Facts Everyone Needs to Know.”

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4. You’ll help other Christian Geeks find their way home.

One of the things I love most about Christian Geeks is that they wear their geekiness on their sleeves. They’re evangelists for their particular passion. So let’s not keep Geek Faith Tribe to ourselves, okay? Let’s spread the word and build the community into an online juggernaut of geeksish awesomesauce. We want other Christian Geeks to find their way home, and that’s up to you.

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When you “like” a post on Facebook, your friends can see that in your feed. When you Share it, same thing. When you pin a post from the blog, hundreds of people on Pinterest see that graphic. So go nuts with the social sharing stuff.

If you know a Christian Geek, suggest they “like” Geek Faith Tribe on Facebook.

If you blog, would you consider linking to this site? Christian Geeks the world over will rise up and call you blessed. Or at least I will.

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