You know what? A lot of Christians worship the devil.

No, really. Worship means ascribing greatness to someone or something, and we ascribe far too much greatness to Satan. In fact, the way some people talk, I can tell their devil is far bigger than their God. I’ve even heard people say we should always pray in tongues because if we don’t, the devil will overhear our prayers and foil them. Are you kidding me? Let him listen in. Maybe he should take notes! I’m talking to the Creator of the Universe, who isn’t even slightly threatened by the devil.

Worship is also about respect, and again, far too many Christians give the devil more respect than they give to God. They’re afraid of stepping into the devil’s crosshairs, while they couldn’t care less that the author of Hebrews said, “It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

Worship is about surrender, and far too many Christians let Satan have his way. We bend to his temptations, adopt his philosophy of life, and give him power over us through our fear and selfishness. I’ve met people who are afraid to follow Jesus radically because they’re so afraid of demonic backlash.

Worship is about trust. And so often, we believe everything the devil says—about us, about our future, about the people we don’t get along with. We buy his trash hook, line, and sinker. Every day.

Worship transforms us, making us like the one we adore. So how come Christians are so full of selfishness, greed, and apathy?

Worship centers our prayer life. So how come so many Christians pray as though Satan were the prevailing power in the universe? Like God has to “break through” for something to happen? Like God can’t work until we’ve “bound the powers?” You know what I mean.

Worship fills our vocabulary with the object of our affection. It’s amazing how passionately some Christians talk about the power of Satan and love to tell stories about him.

That’s it for now, but what other aspects of Christian devil worship can you think of?