Over the past week, I’ve slipped in my walk with God.

No heinous sin, no awful confessions. Just a realization that I’ve slipped from walking with God to checking in with God.

Checking in with God means starting your day in the right place (maybe with some prayer, etc) and then checking out, doing your own thing until you realize you need help or ought to be praying about something. You lean on your own wisdom, make your own choices, live with your own consequences.

It’s easy to do, because life carries a certain momentum that can sweep you away. Motion can feel like competence. But God doesn’t want me to just “check in,” he wants me to walk with him.

Walking with God means starting your day in the right place (aligning your heart with God’s, recognizing his presence, opening your eyes and ears to his voice) — and then staying there ALL DAY LONG. It means leaning on his wisdom, replacing convoluted choices with a conversation of obedience, and then living with God’s blessing. It’s a moment by moment “staying in step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5). Jesus is waiting for us, for me, to take him up on that kind of life. I, for one, am gonna do it today. How about you?

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