As often as I can, I try to remind myself of a bunch of things. This isn’t a religious checklist — I don’t do this every day, there’s no particular order — it’s just kinda checking in with all the great stuff God has for me. God is saying, “Hey, just remember….” Because the best things in life are invisible, we have to put some effort into living in the reality of the gospel goodies. And I’m learning more and more that my perspective on life determines my experience of life.

Christ is in me, above me, behind me, beneath me, all around me. And I am in Christ, hidden there with him in God. This isn’t just a nice thought, it’s a “physical” reality.

While flesh and blood cannot enter into the kingdom of God, cannot inherit or enjoy its wonders, my spirit is there right now, traversing kingdom terrain while I kneel beside my bed and tap out these letters. Remember, Jesus said that to get saved means to enter the kingdom. The kingdom is a realm of light. The foundations are grace. It’s a place where God gets his way. Where his will is done. Flesh and blood can’t get in, but the kingdom can get into our space.

God is speaking. Right now, I sense him nodding excitedly at these words. Communicating always. Because it’s impossible to not communicate.

I am immersed in the love of God — the breadth, the depth, the heights. A sea of affection for me. The warmth of it thrills me even now.

God is holding nothing back from me that I need to live and serve him well. Nothing. I am fully resourced and ready to go. I have his authority to do his will. Marching orders from the King of Kings, whether that’s to greet a stranger or raise a person from the dead, I walk in the Father’s power, coursing through me by his Spirit. He is waiting to manifest the kingdom through me today. Through my presence, voice, and touch.

Thankfully, I am not thirsty for God; the Spring of His Spirit flows from within me, watering my soul and quenching my thirst eternally.

I am not obligated to follow any kind of list. I must only respond to what God is doing in and around me. That’s it. That’s my day in a nutshell.

Christ is my salvation, guarding my mind. He’s my righteousness, protecting my heart. He’s my readiness, preparing my feet. He’s my truth, arising as my center of gravity. He’s my shield, the object of my faith. And he’s the words on my tongue that put the snarkiest demon to flight.

I am his. He is mine. Bring on the day.