My watch stopped ticking yesterday. It’s now telling me that the time is 7:22 all day long. Then tonight, the watchband just kinda let go. Kaput. My driveway broke a couple of weeks back. Just caved in, said hello to a sinkhole right in the middle. Our raft leaks. Our ceiling is stained because of water damage. Our car is rusting. And the bumper is crunched in. My back is perpetually kinked (kinked, not kinky). I’m getting crows feet from smiling so much. My digital camera’s viewfinder is coming apart. Noah just bought a Narnia action figure today and the shield broke coming out of the package. Technology breaks the day after the warranty runs out. I get so many headaches that I wonder what’s happening to my kidneys over time.

Stuff breaks down. Things chip, crack, bend, rot, degenerate, stain, and fall apart. Outwardly, Paul says, we’re wasting away. I’d have to agree. My mirror is giving him a standing ovation.

Inwardly, though, Paul says, we’re being renewed day by day — transformed, becoming increasingly glorious because of the presence of Jesus within us. But are we?

I mean, I know that’s the ideal, but it seems to me that this inner renewal project requires serious, concerted cooperation on our part. He’s assuming a life of leaning into Jesus regularly. Spending time tanning in his presence, gazing at him, contemplating him, listening to his voice, giving him our affection, drinking in his love, obeying his word and exploring the mystery layered into every expression of his grace. He’s assuming a life increasingly captivated by the glory of God.

Come to think of it, He’s calling me right now. Gotta go.