What a trip we’ve been having. And we’ve experienced some pretty amazing stuff — restless oceans, foaming up their angst; Regal Redwoods, standing contemplative like ageless sages in silent forests; Phantasmic multimedia spectacles, impressive expressions of artistic brilliance; heart-pounding thrill rides, clasping the knuckle-worn security bars holding us in to careening fun-rockets; Mickey, Buzz, T-Rex, Arnie, and Shamu (the day after tomorrow).

And you know what? The best stuff has been, hands down… connecting with great people.

Long-awaited family gatherings, special breakfasts, fruit-bowl lunches, hearty suppers.

And last night, gut-splitting laughter, games, and food with new friends that I wish to God lived about two thousand kilometers closer. I miss them already, and I’m amazed at how God brings things and people together to bless our hearts.

The friends I’m talking about are fellow bloggers and their families: Linda and Greg, Sarah and Chad. Thanks, guys, if you read this, for being such gracious and hilarious hosts. We love ya and yours. You should read their blogs, by the way. They’re great.