I bought Shauna a Bonsai tree a couple of weeks ago. I also brought her a salad from Applebee’s that day, but that’ another story.

I held out the tree in the picture, and said this:

“This tree… represents you in my life. Bonsai trees are all about daily, long term care and attention. Which is what I want to give you as your husband. So this is your tree, but I’m going to take care of it. It will be a reminder to both me and to you that I intend to love and care for you as Christ loved the church.”

That’s what I said. Or there abouts.

And it’s been amazing. I keep it on her side of the bed, so I have to go over to her side to pull the blinds so it gets light. That act alone gets me thinking. Then I water it. Just a little bit each day. Not too much, not too little. Which reminds me to “water” my wife’s soul each and every day. To pray for her. To feed her heart. And so I have been (except last week, during my migraining stupor).

We husbands need reminders, symbols, encouragement.

This is working for me. Husbands, I highly recommend buying a bonsai tree.

For  your wife.