A few random thoughts.

First, my author copies of Finding Home arrived UPS today, and they look absolutely gorgeous! I’m so excited. Just having them in hand is such an answer to prayer. I’m feeling led to give away most of the author copies, both as a kind of first-fruits tithe and to help get some copies out there as much as possible.

Second, now comes the trust phase. I’ve emailed everyone I know, I’ve done pretty much what I can do. Now it’s up to God (and supportive readers) to pass the word along, buy copies, buy gifts… and spread the word so that as many lives are changed as possible. Go God! Go people!

And, now comes opposition. This is an incredible message, after all… and the enemy won’t want this to happen. I’ve had some major glitches with the publisher in the past week or so, for one thing. And today — you’re not going to believe this — I went to print off advertising postcards to hand out with the free copies I’m giving my church (at my local SuperStore) pressed “send to one hour photo,” went to the cashier to pay, and the guy’s store phone rang. He nodded. Shook his head. Hung up.

“You’re not going to believe this,” he said. “But the printer upstairs just went PHKHUM (he makes a massive explosion motion with both hands).”

“It blew up?”

“Yeah, and it won’t be fixed for at least three days.” (After Sunday, earliest). I laugh. But he gave me the 1-hour price on the instant photos, so it’s all good after all. Too funny though.

And then my kids were so funny (and cute). I promised them each their own copy, but that I wanted to write something in it before they got it. We had Small Group tonight, and each one of them came and asked at least once, “Can I have my book now? I want to start reading it tonight!” My 11 year old, Noah, told me he was going to read a chapter a night and finish it in two weeks, like a devotional. He told God in our prayers, “I”m excited to read Dad’s book together (as in, he and God!) It will be a great chance for the two of us to get to know each other better.”

Amen! I’m a happy, blessed man.