We’ve been covering some deep stuff this week. So please allow me this diversion into something even more epic. I read the following on Yahoo! news this morning, which is always entirely accurate:

During the month of July, an ocean exploration team that was led by Swedish researchers found what some have said is a flying saucer sitting on the floor of the sea… new reports surfacing from earlier this week have said that the team found a second object close by the first one.  

The expedition was led by Peter Lindberg. Lindberg announced in late July that he discovered an interesting round object roughly 300 feet, or 91 meters, down on the ocean floor. The object was found in the Gulf of Bothnia, between Sweden and Finland. 

 To this day, the object has yet to be identified… Brooke Bowman, from CNN, said that the first unidentified object “is not on its own down there. The ocean explorer team also found another, smaller disc-shaped object nearby. Both show a rigid tail or drag marks more than 400 meters (about 437 yards) long. Their size and distinctive shape are generating some peculiar theories.” 

Some theories about the object include it being Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon from ‘Star Wars,’ Atlantis, a crashed flying saucer, Russian warships, a marine version of a Stonehenge or an opening to another world inside the Earth. Sidescan sonar is known to manufacture false images but the announcement of a second image pretty much puts to bed the theory that two identical false images can be possible. The story takes an interesting turn when we found out that the image of the second object is a duplicate of the first object.

A few months ago I posted irrefutable proof (bolstered by my staggering expertise in Sci-fi) that the Starship Enterprise had in fact been spotted in mid-flight near the planet Mercury. Today I’d like to go on record saying anyone who doesn’t think we’ve got the Millennium Falcon down there is a bonehead.

Bone:  “Any of the pieces of hard, whitish tissue making up the skeleton in humans and other vertebrates.” Head: “The upper part of the human body, or thefront or upper part of the body of an animal, typically separated from the rest of the body by a neck, and containing the brain, mouth, and sense organs.”

Containing the brain. In theory.

I’m with you, agent Mulder. I want to believe. I just don’t remember the Falcon giving birth to a child in any of the movies. Maybe in Episode 1, when most of the Star Wars universe went to pot?

Meh. Details.