A couple of weeks ago I posted about the power of new lenses, new perspectives on life. I’d just bought a new pair of glasses myself, and for a too-good-to-be-true price, too: Fifty bucks. They were so clear! But a fifty dollar lens change on life is nothing compared to a five hundred dollar lens change. Or five thousand.

Here’s a picture of my new glasses as they sit today. Uh huh. Shattered. And mirroring perfectly what’s happening to some pretty major lenses in my spiritual life.

Don’t worry. It’s not left me blind. My physical eyes are remarkably good today without my glasses. And spiritually speaking, I’m seeing things more clearly than I have in years. Maybe longer. Decades? When I see clearly enough to put things into words, and I’m sure that I’m not skewing what I’m seeing, I’ll try and share it with you. If I have permission. I will say this: Man, am I enflamed and pumped and overwhelmed … and hopeful.

Jesus, keep teaching me. I’m listening. And if you need to shatter some old lenses to help me see new things from new angles, so be it. Cause I want to see the truth, naked and unyielding. I want to “get it” better than I’ve ever gotten it in my short 38 years. And I want to see how to do what you prompted me to post above my desk at the office:

1. Live the life.
2. Cast the vision.
3. Preach the word.
4. Lead the change.

Amen, Lord Jesus. Amen.