Today Facebook helped me realize a brain-tripping truth: I “almost know” thousands of people. 

I “actually” know thousands of people at this very moment, but scrolling through the “People you may know” page on my Facebook page is a little trippy. There’s a woman named Deborah, for instance, whom I should know but don’t. Apparently we have thirty-nine friends in common. Some CJ dude and I know forty people in common but don’t know each other. Loretta and I share forty-two friends in common and are still complete strangers. Stranger still, I currently know quite a few people that share fewer friends with me than the “almost friends” on my list. Huh.

It’s amazing, really—social webs are complex, dynamic creatures. They run like an operating system working its magic in the background of our lives. Facebook brings that to light in mind-boggling ways.

But now, imagine what this means for the kingdom of God. Ka-blooey.

At this very moment, I am one conversation away from breaking into dozens of brand new circles. I may meet someone this week I’ve been “just missing” for decades. This explains why some ideas go viral, though it doesn’t explain why others, equally profound, do not.

When Jabez prayed, “Expand my territory,” he would have drooled over the potential of Facebook.

When we pray, “Lord, help me reach more people,” God must smile ear to proverbial ear. “Open your eyes,” I can imagine him saying. “You’re perched on the rim of dozens of potential frontiers at this very moment.” Simply put, one message to Deborah, CJ, or Loretta could set events in motion to change someone’s world or unite two people God wants to meet for some grander purpose than I could ever fathom.

It also means many of our relational ruts are pure fiction. We’re bumping into people (or almost bumping into people) that could be a needed breath of fresh air in our lives and change our trajectory at a moment’s notice.