I’m trying, I really am.

I got up a little early, propped myself up in a corner, and tried to spend some quality time with God. The problem is, my brain is slush. I’m beyond tired. My mind is channel-surfing. My body longs to sleep.

All I have for God this morning is a heart in the right place. No passionate prayers, no thirst for knowledge, no mind quivering with excitement.

I’m sacked out in a beanbag and the wall is holding me up.

Good thing that it’s what God has for me this morning that matters. Grace. Peace. Loving. Power. Promise.

I’ll take it.

And God? Wonder of wonders, he’ll take my offering, too. Because he never wants more than we have to give unless he gives us the power to out-give ourselves.

Yeah, I’m not feelin’ it right now.

So God, take all of me. Such as it is.