OK. I want to lay out the foundation of this blog.

As many of you know, I have a website dedicated entirely to helping people tune in to God’s voice (www.howtoheargodspeaking.com). I’m pretty passionate about that. But sometimes I get so focused on God’s voice that I forget that its not all God has for me. God’s contact with me comes in “trinity form,” a 3-in-1 slow dance the embraces His presence, voice, and touch. All three are life to us; all three flow into the other.

Accepting God’s presence in your life as a basic fact is the bedrock for hearing him. If you believe he’s not around – or far away on some idillic throne somewhere, you’ll have a really hard time believing he’s actually talking to you right where you are. But God is everywhere, which means he’s with you too. If you’re a believer in Christ he’s living in you, in fact! He’s above you, behind you, beneath you, all around you. That’s why listening to him is possible! To him, and in him, and through him are all things. “Christ lives in me,” (Galatians 2:20). Drink in that truth, and you’re off and running!

The voice of God builds on this concept. His voice is his communication with us, lovingly delivered in four basic packages – verbal, visual, intuitive, and cognitive (you’ll have to order my “How To Hear the Voice of God: Unwrapping the Four Packages” to unpack these). “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).

And his touch is equally important. Just lately God showed me that I had been so focused on my relationship with him – his presence and his voice – that I had forgotten about his power. His touch brings his power to us, in the form of spiritual gifts, the fruit of the Spirit, healing, restoration, and anointing to do his work. Sometimes he doesn’t want to say something as much as he’d like to give us something – or even just be with us and enjoy our company. Words are nice. Pictures are good. But so is a hug, or even an intimate silence.

I called living with these three a slow dance, and I meant it. They’re dynamic. They ebb, they flow. For a day or two one will be primary, then another. This can’t be programmed. It’s not a science, and there is no formula. But neither can it be overlooked without serious imbalance or spiritual deadness in your life. Sometimes God seems silent but his presence is made more manifest (if we’re looking for it). Other times His presence and voice seem distant but His touch is obvious. It’s very rare that all three are waning, unless your heart isn’t given over to him in love and worshipful, obedient awe.

I’m sensing that some of you are having an “aha!” moment right now. You’re realizing that one or more of these three have been overlooked or neglected in your life.

Have fun walking back into full communion with Jesus! As you read this blog, look for these three in my posts: Presence. Voice. Touch.

– Brad